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Lampstand Nursing & Rehabilitation Activity Department
The overall purpose of activities is to provide opportunities for residents to engage in meaningful social and divisional activities based upon needs, intrest, capabilities, and previous lifestyles. Incumbents coordinate, develop,and maintain quality programs, which provide mental and physical stimulation to the residents utilizing staff expertise and family and or, community resources. We will be needing Volunteers to help with various activities, such as Finger Nail Painting, Arts and Crafts, Social Party Gatherings, Holiday Parties ,hosting bingo, help paint, garden, Decorating the facility for up coming holiday seasons, music & memory program for our Alzheimer's & Dementia Residents, Hospitality aide, receptionist, administrative assistant, Reminiscing etc...
Mission Statement:
To provide quality nursing care and rehabilitative services to those in need by recognizing their individuality and dignity whether planning to return home or experiencing end of life. We value team decision making and shared risk where residents, familie, and staff all participate in achieving the best outcomes for our residents, patients. We always empower our staff to Do the Right Thing.
Issues Addressed by Agency:
  • Arts / Culture
  • Civic / Community
  • Crisis / Emergency
  • Disabilities
  • Education / Literacy
  • Environment (incl. Wildlife)
  • Family
  • Health / Medicine
  • Mentoring
  • Military / Armed Forces
  • Religion
  • Senior Citizens
  • Sports / Recreation
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2001 East 29th Street
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(979) 822-6611 ext 120
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(979) 822-0462
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