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The Elizabeth House Maternity Home
The Elizabeth House Maternity Home offers pregnant women and their children a loving and stable family environment from the beginning of pregnancy up to 6 months after the birth of their child. The Elizabeth House Maternity Home is a free, full service home for women experiencing a crisis pregnancy.

The Elizabeth House Maternity Home offers a unique solution to women of the Brazos Valley. We are the only home of this kind in the area. We offer women in need a safe environment for them to live, strengthen their personal, parenting, educational and work skills and empower themselves to live an independent and happy life.
Mission Statement:
The Elizabeth House Maternity Home is a nonprofit organization established for charitable, educational and healthcare related purposes. Our organization believes in the sanctity of all human life and the innate value of each person. Based on these beliefs, our goal is to provide women in crisis pregnancy and their children with safe housing and the physical, emotional and spiritual support necessary to empower them in their journey towards independence.
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  • Pregnancy / Prenatal / Postnatal
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P.O. Box 11138
College Station
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