Opportunity: Semester Internships under volunteer status (unpaid)

Opportunity Profile

General Information

Opportunity Name:
Semester Internships under volunteer status (unpaid)
Summary of Opportunity:
We are seeking internships as follows:
1/ assist with Health & Fitness Program- write newsletter articles; support Beep Baseball team (The BCS Outlaws) with practice, handling the equipment; assist in leading health & wellness classes (exercise, stretching, mental wellness, general healthy lifestyle) for hourly classes on public events calendar.
2/ assist in leading small classes for independent living series (cooking, money management, community resources, leadership skills, team building, basic computer) throughout the week with local educational groups (high school, 18 Plus, and post secondary).
Issues Addressed in Opportunity:
  • Mentoring
  • Sports / Recreation

Special Considerations

Training/Orientation Provided:
Application/Interview Process:
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Location Accessible to People with Disabilities: